Tj Turner knew he wanted to pursue a career in photography when the world of commercial and advertising photography captured his attention during college.  There, he was drawn to the challenge of creating art with a purpose for clients with specific creative needs and wants.  As a Hearst Corporation Intern in New York, Tj learned what it takes to run successful commercial and advertising shoots.  Tj honed an attention to detail, quick thinking to solve lighting and composition problems, and mastered the complexities of working with clients who need particular outcomes, and don’t want to sacrifice beauty to do so.  As you click through the gallery pages, you’ll notice that Tj’s work spans a wide variety of settings and subjects.  He takes pleasure in the breadth of assignments he’s able to pursue - from shooting lifestyle work in rural areas, to watching a chef create a beautiful dish then capturing it while it’s still hot enough to eat.  With each client, Tj sees an opportunity to build a relationship that’s collaborative, long-lasting, and results in stunning images.